19 Rwandan government officials benefit from KOICA CIAT training program

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the first financial aid agency of the Korean government, has concluded a week-long training program on “Developing the capacities of master teachers and education inspectors of the sector for ICT in Education (Rwanda) 2nd Year Online Seminar’, held virtually at Rwanda Management Institute (RMI) from 26-30 September

Since 1991, KOICA has provided Rwandan government officials with the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of Korea’s development experience in order to contribute to their individual development and that of their organizations through its CIAT (Capacity Improvement and Advancement for Tomorrow).

This program is the third in a 3-year series of training for capacity development of master teachers and education inspectors in the sector for ICT in education, designed to share Korea’s experience in this domain.

Exceptionally this year, an additional training program was organized in accordance with the strategic plan for the implementation of the training project at KOICA.

This program is specially designed to align KOICA flagship projects namely CADIE (Capacity Development for ICT in Education) and TQUM (TVET Quailty Management in Rwanda).

CADIE project is one of the flagship projects of KOICA with REB under MINEDUC from 2017 with a budget of 7 billion Rwandan Francs.

It covers an ICT training program for more than 24,000 in-service teachers, 120 master teachers, 416 SEIs, 30 DEOs and the construction of 61 smart classrooms across Rwanda until 2023.

TQUM is a project with PR starting in 2020 with a budget of 8 billion Rwandan francs. It covers training of trainers for over 2,200 TVET teachers, participation in TVET management and leadership workshops for over 1,000 stakeholders.

Through these projects and training programs, KOICA supports Rwanda’s hope of becoming the ICT hub on the African continent.

Speaking at the event, Mr. CHON, Gyong Shik, Country Director of KOICA Rwanda Office said, “This program is carefully tailored and designed to meet the development needs and expectations of Rwandan officials. capacities of education officials and ICT experts in education. KOICA believes that as the course progresses, its goal has been established and will be successfully achieved by the end of the course series.

“KOICA hopes that what the trainees have learned in the past week will help them a lot in their daily tasks, they can apply what they learned in their daily work.”

According to one of these trainees, the participants learned about Korea’s education development experience, which empowered them and enhanced their skills and capacities.

He believes this will help them contribute to finding solutions for ICT in education that the country needs to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world.

Since 1991, KOICA has implemented its grant programs in Rwanda, disbursing approximately US$150 million through various capacity building projects and programs. KOICA officially opened its office in Rwanda in 2011.

KOICA currently has more than ten ongoing projects in Rwanda in the education, agriculture and ICT sectors. With the outbreak of COVID-19, KOICA also supported the GoR in response to the pandemic by providing a mobile test vehicle, walk-through test cabins and personal protective equipment (PPE) worth approximately 1 million USD.

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