Adjunct Professor at INLOGOV (focus on education) – School of Government employment with UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM

Position details

Institute for Local Government Studies (INLOGOV)

Location: University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK

The full-time starting salary is normally between £42,149 and £50,296. With potential progression once in post at £56,587 a year

8th grade

Full Time, 2 Year Fixed Term Contract

Closing date: May 30, 2022

The Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV) is the UK’s leading center for the study of public service management, policy and governance. With over 50 years of experience working in local government and the public sector, INLOGOV is creating the new way of thinking with public servants.

INLOGOV is home to the School of Government, which is one of the largest in the UK – home to over 80 full-time academic staff, over 1,200 undergraduate and postgraduate students taught and over 70 doctoral students. The school is intellectually dynamic with an excellent record in both research and teaching.

INLOGOV offers a range of postgraduate degree programs, at masters, diploma and certificate levels, with a thriving doctoral research community.

Our taught postgraduate programs include a full-time on-campus Master of Public Management, online Master of Public Administration, blended learning in public leadership and management, and study opportunities for research degrees (MPhil or PhD ).

INLOGOV’s teaching is based on a solid and innovative research program. Building on our rich history of research on the institutional and political life of local government and public management, our research now goes beyond these traditional structures and actors to address governance, democracy, leadership, participation, policy making and service delivery at and across multiple scales and issues.

The successful post holder will be enthusiastic about teaching and able to teach students, from new graduates to experienced professionals, in areas such as public management and service delivery, development and implementation policy implementation, participation and democracy, governance and decentralization, or economics and public sector finance. The incumbent will teach on campus and online. A range of CPD opportunities will be available.

Summary of the role

You will contribute to a range of education-related activities. Additionally, you will be expected to demonstrate academic citizenship, develop and maintain mutually respectful and supportive working relationships with all staff and students, and ensure that the way you carry out your role has a positive impact on the how others perform theirs.

Teaching is likely to include a substantial contribution to: (a) the management, development and delivery of teaching and assessment at all levels; and (b) improving student experience and employability.

The role will also involve developing and advising others, including: (a) providing expert advice to staff and students, and (b) developing and advising others on tasks and methods of learning and education.

You will be expected to advance teaching and learning practices in your modules within the school, play a role in directing curriculum development, and play an important role in academic and pastoral support for students. You will provide excellent teaching that inspires students and is grounded in disciplinary research.

Management and administration will likely include developing and contributing substantially to knowledge transfer, enterprise, business engagement, broadening public participation, or similar department/department-level activities. school or further within the university.

Main duties

1. You will contribute to all teaching and learning activities:

  • help direct the development and/or renewal of curricula;
  • develop and manage teaching and learning approaches that are best practice in the field;
  • advise others on aspects of learning, teaching and assessment;
  • offer specific professional programs;
  • advance teaching practice in their modules and within the school, and play an important role in the academic support of students;
  • inform your teaching practice through discipline-based research;
  • frequently update your subject matter expertise and undertake personal professional development in teaching, including self-reflection on own teaching, using student and peer feedback, to improve own teaching processes and learning;
  • you can play an important role in student recruitment and admission; and co-supervise doctoral students until their completion.

2. Use a variety of methods to teach and counsel individuals and groups of undergraduate, postgraduate or CPD students, including (where applicable):

  • teaching and examination courses at different levels;
  • plan and revise your own teaching approaches and encourage others to do the same;
  • design curriculum content that is contemporary, inclusive, engaging and academically challenging;
  • work collaboratively with colleagues to design and deliver teaching, learning and assessment;
  • effectively use digital resources/environments to support learning and assessment;
  • develop curriculum proposals and make substantive contributions to the design of education programs more broadly;
  • as appropriate, assume and develop the full range of supervision, scoring and review responsibilities;
  • develop and advise others on tasks and methods of learning and teaching;
  • develop and make substantial contributions to knowledge transfer, enterprise, corporate engagement, public engagement or similar activities on its own specialty that enhances the student experience or employability and that benefits at College and University;
  • design and supervise projects, student dissertations and practical work.

Management Administration
Contribute to departmental/school administration. This may include:

  • contribute to the administration/management of education throughout the department/school;
  • where applicable, lead and manage a team to design and implement a new and/or revised process (e.g. a new program or recruitment campaign);
  • advise on the personal development of colleagues and students;
  • contribute to administrative activities within the University (eg appeal boards, working groups);
  • manage corporate, business development and public engagement activities;
  • develop and make substantive contributions to knowledge transfer, enterprise, business engagement, public engagement, broadening participation;
  • promoting equality, diversity and inclusion through monitoring and evaluation and actively addressing unacceptable behavior.

Contribute to an inclusive work environment:

  • carry on your business in a way that helps others to carry on their business effectively and efficiently;
  • demonstrate a willingness to engage in a variety of activities supporting university life (e.g. participation in graduation, departmental/school committees);
  • demonstrate support for colleagues, e.g. sharing resources, giving advice;
  • willingness to volunteer for ad hoc tasks (such as supporting school, institute, and department projects);
  • engage positively in the School’s strategic initiatives;
  • proactive support and involvement in activities that specifically contribute to a positive and inclusive community spirit across the school/college/university.

Person specification

  • Normally an advanced degree relevant to the field of the discipline (usually a PhD), or close to completion, or equivalent qualifications.
  • Extensive teaching experience and scholarship in the specialty.
  • Proven ability to design, advise and manage learning.
  • Skills in managing, motivating and mentoring others.


  • Ability to design, deliver, evaluate and revise educational programs.
  • Extensive experience and demonstrated success in developing appropriate approaches to learning and teaching and advising colleagues.

Management Administration

  • Ability to contribute to school/department management processes.
  • Ability to effectively assess and organize resources.
  • Understanding and ability to contribute to wider management/administration processes.
  • Experience advocating for equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of ​​work.
  • Ability to monitor and assess the extent to which equality and diversity legislation, policies and procedures are applied.
  • Ability to identify issues that may impact protected groups and take appropriate action.

Desirable areas of teaching experience
Teaching experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Public management and service delivery
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Participation and democracy
  • Governance and deconcentration
  • Economics and Public Sector Finance

For more information, please contact Dr Karin Bottom, Head of Education ([email protected]) or Jason Lowther, Head of Department ([email protected]).

Promoting excellence, sustaining investment

We value diversity and inclusion at the University of Birmingham and welcome applications from all sections of the community and are open to discussions about all forms of flexible working.

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