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The first-year delegate hopes to expand the dining options; director of student affairs emphasizes the importance of mental health

More information about open ASWSU positions can be found on its website.

ASWSU senators elected a new director of student affairs, director of university affairs, director of academic affairs, two freshman delegates and undeclared senator positions at a meeting on Wednesday.

Samantha Gerlach, a second year biology student, has been elected Director of University Affairs. Gerlach said she was previously director of security.

Gerlach said she hoped to strengthen ASWSU’s relationships with multicultural and minority communities while working with the university’s transportation department to work on new bridges, cycle paths and bus routes.

Ella Kisor, a second year international business student and Spanish major, was unanimously elected Director of Academic Affairs. Kisor said his goal is to make students feel comfortable in class with their teachers and when seeking academic help.

Kisor said she was excited to get more involved on campus and hopes to help others feel lonely. She plans to work with tutoring centers around campus and help students find specialized tutoring offered by their college as well.

Margeaux Edwards, major in psychology and neuroscience, has been elected director of student affairs. She said she hopes to use her insight to provide new ideas for the college.

“I am particularly passionate about the well-being of the student,” she said. “One of my main goals is to increase the university’s efforts to standardize communication around mental health within the WSU community. ”

Five freshmen spoke as candidates for two open freshman steward positions. Tania Hernandez and Brian Kim were elected.

Hernandez was the first delegate elected and won with 16 of 17 possible votes, while Kim was the second freshman delegate elected and won with 11 of 17 possible votes.

Hernandez wants to see more culturally diverse dining options in the dining room. She said having food that students are used to would help them feel more comfortable and lessen the culture shock of entering the college atmosphere.

“Being part of student government is not only about using your voice to make change,” she said, “but also about giving others the chance to use theirs.”

Kim stressed the importance of a clean environment. He said one of his goals is to get involved with other organizations on campus rather than relying on others to contact ASWSU.

Kim said he believes his positive attitude makes him a good candidate to help bring the voice of freshmen to the student government.

Junior transfer student Adilene Isordia Ramos was elected as one of four undeclared senator positions. Isordia Ramos said she hopes to use her experience in student government to help elevate and improve ASWSU.

Isordia Ramos said she will keep the student’s best intentions in mind and hopes to make more connections during her freshman year on campus. The other three undeclared senator positions are vacant at the moment.

More information about open ASWSU positions can be found here.

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