Bihar: Government officials must seek clearance from department before second marriage, check new rule here

Patna, July 14: Bihar government employees intending to marry a second time will now have to inform their respective department first and only proceed after obtaining the necessary permission.

The state government has issued a new notification in which it orders every government official to inquire about their marital status and only be eligible for a second marriage after obtaining the necessary permission.

The notification stated that any employee, male or female, planning to marry a second time must first legally separate from their spouse and inform the relevant department.

In the event that the first wife/husband objects, the employee’s second wife/husband will not be permitted access to government facilities. A parliamentary panel is granted an extension to consider the Child Marriage (Amendment) Bill.

If a government employee marries a second time without obtaining permission from the relevant department and dies during the period of service, his second wife/husband and their children will not be entitled to obtain employment on humanitarian grounds . The state government will give preference to the children of the first wife.

The general administration sent the notification to all the divisional commissioners, district magistrates, district magistrates, DGP, DGP home guard, DGP prison, and to each officer concerned to implement it in their respective jurisdictions.

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