Changes needed to local government law, says PPP chief Sindh

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) intends to organize the elections of local bodies in Sindh, but to this end, amendments are needed in the existing Law on Local Government to improve it.

PPP Sindh Chairman Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said this on Sunday during an interview with media representatives after attending a program in the city’s Sachal Goth district to mark the anniversary of the PPP’s founding.

He said a plot had been hatched to reduce Sindh’s share in the National Finance Commission price by counting less of the province’s population in the country’s last census.

By supporting the federal government on approving the census results, the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement (MQM-P) had compromised the legitimate interests of the province, he added.

Khuhro was of the opinion that a deliberate attempt had been made to enumerate the population of Sindh less than the actual number in the census, regardless of the fact that each year there was a three percent increase in the population.

He alleged that the MQM and the Grand Democratic Alliance had both been disloyal to the cause of Sindh as part of the federal government, they had approved the census results.

PPP leader Sindh said Prime Minister Imran Khan was opposed to the idea of ​​provincial autonomy because he did not want to see provinces become strong. This is the reason why the federal government was trying to deprive Sindh of its constitutional rights, he said.

He pointed out that Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf regime in the country only brought crises to compatriots.

Khuhro also lamented that the people of the province are deprived of natural gas for cooking food despite the fact that the province accounts for the majority of the volume of gas produced in the country.

He said the Center had attempted to create administrative problems in the province by arbitrarily transferring senior police and bureaucracy officials from the province without consulting the chief minister.

He claimed that the government of Sindh launched mega development projects in Karachi to transform the provincial capital into a mega city.

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