CHEERS AND JEERS: Jeer to government officials tasked with ensuring building permit rules and regulations are adhered to

Humor the government department or person(s) responsible for ensuring that building permit rules and regulations are followed. A handful of residents in Point Prim, PEI are looking for answers on how a building would have grown from around 1,700 square feet to over 7,000 square feet. A Bessie Willow Lane couple say the province knew all along that their neighbor’s permit regulations weren’t being enforced, but did nothing to stop a behemoth from being built next door. This case indicates that the rules or the consequences of not following them are not serious enough. What a terrible precedent. If there are few to no downsides to not following government regulations, why should anyone building a structure in this province consider them? It’s time for the government to pass tough laws and then free up the staff to enforce them to the fullest.

Cheers to Hannah Taylor. In an impressive performance, the Summerside native won gold on the international stage at the 2022 Canada Cup in her hometown on July 2. All eyes were on the women’s 57kg weight class as Taylor, who now trains at Brock Wrestling Club, was a favorite.

Taylor advanced to the final where she faced former U23 world champion Alexandria Town of York. Town opened the game with a forced out, but soon after Taylor countered an attack turning it into a pin for the win.

Cheers to the City of Charlottetown for finally deciding to investigate allegations made by former deputy chief executive Scott Messervey, which included everything from capital cost overruns to city councilors and staff spending at events which they attended. But, mocks the fact that this investigation comes three years after the allegations were made. As the board decided to ask interim chief executive Donna Waddell to lead a review of organizational and internal governance, a chief executive, Peter Kelly, was fired without cause after six tumultuous years on the job, and two directors assistant generals, Messervey and Tina Lococo. , were also dropped by Kelly. The town’s reputation has taken a serious hit in recent years, but Waddell told SaltWire Network it is determined to conduct a thorough review, which will include the intervention of an independent third party, to repair the damage. Waddell asked City Auditor Michelle Burge and former Prince Edward Island Auditor General Colin Younker to review each of Messervey’s allegations and correct what needs to be fixed. . The process will also examine the role of the CEO and his relationship to the board. A lot of damage has been done. Those tasked with fixing things have their work cut out for them.

Cheers to Charlie and Wade, the two strangers who recently helped a woman in Prince Edward Island after her purse was stolen. The two men, known to Isabel Court only by their first names, stepped in to help her when she visited Access PEI. to replace some of the cards that were in her purse. The court had no money to pay for the replacements, so the two strangers contributed to cover the costs. As the court said in its recent letter to SaltWire Network, kindness is a wonderful thing to show to others in need.


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