China further curbs business activities of senior officials’ families

BEIJING (REUTERS) – China’s ruling Communist Party has issued rules to further restrict the business activities of the families of top government officials, as part of its latest anti-corruption initiative, the government said on Sunday (June 19). official Xinhua news agency.

Officials must report the business activities of their spouses and children, and those who fail to do so or seek to circumvent the rules will be “dealt with seriously in accordance with regulations and laws”, Xinhua said, citing provisions issued by the central office. party. Committee.

Spouses and children of civil servants must withdraw from business activities or the civil servants themselves will have to resign from their current posts and “accept post adjustments”, and face other forms of sanctions, Xinhua said.

These business activities include investing in companies, holding managerial positions in private or foreign-invested companies, investing in private equity funds, and participating in paid legal and social intermediary services. , Xinhua said.

The extended families of Communist Party cadres have become a key battleground in President Xi Jinping’s war on corruption, which has punished thousands of officials since taking power in late 2012.

Many cases of corruption have involved officials registering businesses and property in relatives’ names, allowing them to adhere to the letter of party guidelines while using their influence to amass wealth.

“Strengthening the management of spouses, children and their spouses who run companies of leading cadres is an important measure to strictly manage the party and supervise cadres comprehensively,” Xinhua said citing party rules.

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