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Have you all noticed that for a year and a half the notion of customer satisfaction is no longer relevant?

Nor is it limited to private companies. Lawmakers and others have stopped caring about what their constituents want and have instead served themselves and special interest groups. New stories serve as change notices. We have no say, and anyone who speaks up is soon tagged and canceled.

Biden and Harris are a joke and most others in DC are fine with enabling the continued destruction of our economy and our country. You don’t like it? They are happy to let you go and replace you with millions of illegal immigrants from various countries.

Local politics is not immune to this, and you can read story after story in this publication and others that will show you that our concerns, our wants and our needs, and the future of our country and our community are irrelevant to those who have been elected. and named.

Companies are in bed with all levels of government, to secure big contracts by any means possible.

Everyone wasted time protesting non-issues and all the sheep did exactly what was expected of them. Within the closed doors of the Legislative Assembly and beyond, decisions were made that few know about without any input and accountability.

It’s laughable that people are worried about the orange-haired man.

Kapena Hill


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