Deputy Government Job Offer 2021: Madhya Pradesh Government To Start Recruiting For 1 Lakh Positions Soon: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced on Tuesday that the state government will soon start recruiting for 1 lakh of posts, the state’s Public Relations Directorate informed.

According to the CM, there is a 48% increase in the number of industrial units and a 38% increase in job creation despite the ongoing pandemic.

“There are immense job opportunities in the private sector as well as in the public sector,” the chief minister said.


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“Employment is the top priority of the state government. The state government begins the process of recruiting one lakh positions in a few days,” he added.

Chouhan spoke on Monday to the “Bhoomi Pujan” program of the ready-to-wear unit of Gokuldas Exports Limited in the Acharpura industrial zone in Bhopal.

It also inaugurated a water supply project in the textile park, Acharpura and the special education zone and industrial zone, Acharpura.

“This unit proposed by Gokuldas Exports will be built on 10 acres. A capital investment of Rs 110 crore will be made by the company, in which jobs will be available for more than 4,000 local people,” Chouhan said.

“In addition, more than three-quarters of the factory workers will be women. About 10,000 people will find jobs in this unit itself,” he added.

Speaking of sufficient water supply for industries, CM said the Narmada water supply pipeline project was started at a cost of Rs 16.81 crore to provide water to industries in the region. Acharpura industrial zone.

“With this, three MLDs of water can be supplied per day at around 300 units. Adequate availability of water for industries will be ensured,” said the CM.

“The land available in Patalpur, near Berasia, has been identified for agro-industries. Our aim is to provide better employment opportunities for young people and women in the region, ”he added.

Chouhan also said the state has taken a big step forward in making it easier to do business. The state now ranks fourth in the country in terms of business opportunities.

“Measures such as ‘Start your business in thirty days’ have been taken to encourage the establishment of industries in the state. All activities related to the establishment of industries are carried out from a one-stop shop,” he said. he declared.

Chouhan said the state is working quickly to make doing business easier. As part of the “Ek Zila-Ek Utpad” program, 64 specific products from all districts were selected.

“Industrial corridors will be developed on both sides of ‘Atal Progress-Way’ and ‘Narmada Expressway’. These two corridors will give a new pace and a new direction to the construction of Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh,” said the CM.

Chouhan announced that the cluster expansion of micro, small and medium industries is being encouraged in the state.

Within this framework, 13 clusters will be developed in the State in different sectors such as furniture, toys, textiles, food processing, agriculture, electricity, mechanics, namkeen and engineering.

Chouhan said a huge land reserve is available for industries, in which 30,000 acres of developed land and 33,664 acres of underdeveloped land are also available for industrial estates.

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