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Applying for a loan direct lenders can be an excellent choice, especially if you want a loan with a fixed monthly amount, a fixed interest rate, and a fixed term. These are the three most important characteristics of a personal loan.

Direct lenders: Quick app, instant decision, no hidden fees

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Applying for a loan direct lender on our website takes a few minutes of your time. We will then get started as soon as possible for you. Within a few hours, we will know what is possible for you to take out an advantageous loan.

If you use a personal loan for a renovation, the interest may be tax-deductible. Benefit twice, a low-interest rate and an extra refund from the tax authorities! Do you want to know if this is also possible for you? Then request your affordable personal loan directly from Harleer Personal Loan

Before you start applying for a personal loan, you naturally want to know what the current interest rates are. To keep you informed of this as well as possible, we have prepared an interest rate table for you. In the table below you can easily see what the different interest rates are. And what the total costs for the loan are. Are you convinced that a personal loan is the best choice for you? Do you want credit with the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands? Then you can easily request your personal loan online.

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If we look at our advisory practice, we soon see that personal loans are increasingly being advised. This is not just about financing for a car. Even if we see that the consumer has had a loan for many years and it is not possible to redeem it, a (partial) personal loan can be good advice.
Applying for a personal loan can be appropriate at different times. An example of this is the financing of a car. With a car loan, you know how much money you need. In addition, you can make an estimate of the period that you expect the car to “go with.” By taking the residual value into account, you can make customized financing. Because with a personal loan it is not possible to make withdrawals from the loan, you can properly match the expected life of the car and the loan. This means that you will no longer pay the loan if the car is no longer in your possession.

Apply for a personal loan? Or a revolving credit?

Making choices is difficult for many people. What do you choose? The fixed interest? The fixed monthly installments? Or do you still need more flexibility? Considerations you need to make when you take out financing. Of course, you can also opt for a combination loan. With a combination loan, you combine the benefits of the personal loan with the flexibility of the revolving credit. You have, as it were, the best of both worlds. Making choices is not always easy. Our advisors are happy to help you make a responsible choice.