‘Elon, The Everywhere’ – Elon Musk worries government officials with his growing presence in global affairs, report says

“Elon, The Everywhere,” a White House official told the Post. “He believes he is such a gift to humanity that he doesn’t need guardrails, which he knows best.”

Musk declined to comment on the Post.

Sources also told the Post that they are concerned about national security issues related to Musk’s numerous business dealings.

The Starlink internet network could also face national security scrutiny after officials felt uncomfortable with Musk’s peace plan between Russia and Ukraine, according to unnamed sources who are maintained with Bloomberg.

Government officials have beefed up Musk’s competitors in an effort to reduce their dependence on his companies, according to the Post report. That includes funding Space X competitors like Boeing’s Starliner, encouraging more electric vehicle makers to compete with Tesla, and finding replacements for Starlink in Ukraine.

“It’s not just SpaceX. There are other entities that we can definitely partner with when it comes to providing Ukraine with what it needs on the battlefield,” said a Pentagon press officer on October 14.

The Post report, however, notes that the US government is still very interested in working with Musk.

“One thing is clear: Musk thinks he knows best and will do what he wants — and that can be good and that can be bad,” a congressman told the Post.

A representative for Musk did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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