Five coastal government officials accuse blogger Mwashere Shuma of allegedly posting defamatory articles –

Five senior government officials from the coastal region sued a blogger who accused them of bribery on a whistleblower website in Taita Taveta. Edward Mwakisima, Bigvai Mwailemi, Wilfred Mwalimo, Mathia Madeda and Mathew Njoroge accused Mwashere Shuma of posting defamatory articles on his website, Kwaela News Network.

The lawsuit comes days after the court issued a temporary injunction and interim orders prohibiting Shuma and his associates from posting defamatory and defamatory statements or articles against government officials.

“The applicant is authorized to effect service of a subpoena or other procedure through the Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs at this time and with a special request for onward transmission through diplomatic channels through the Kenyan Embassy. in Austria “, indicates the ordinance. noted.

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The Kwaela News Network website highlights news and political projects from the coastal region. The Whistleblower website recently highlighted suspected corrupt activity on the part of Coastal County government officials. One of the county’s subordinate employees, Edward Mwakisima, is said to have even built a 20 million shillings mansion despite his 28,000 shillings salary.

“The young man started working for the Taita Taveta County government in 2020 and earns a gross salary of Kshs 28,000 per month. He didn’t have a job until Governor Granton Samboja gave him one. He also did not own a business, even selling njugu karanga. … If the allegations that he is robbing the county government are not true, then where does he find all the money to build a house like this? KWAELA’s post said.

According to the group, it is alleged that Mwakisima had taken possession of the county drilling rig which was purchased with taxpayer money. The M-Pesa number is under his name and all monies collected by drilling boreholes in the County go to his personal account.

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The Kwaela Network further alleged that Taita Taveta Samboja’s political adviser Bigvai Mwailemi was also receiving bribes from all suppliers and contractors to secure projects in the county.

“Imebinika kuwa kupata tenda yoyote kwa serikali ya Gavana Samboja lazima Supplier ama entrepreneur atoe ka kitu cha ma cartels. Bigvai Mwailemi hutumia accounts hizi mbili kupokea mgao wake wa bribes ili kujificha. Mara nyingine wanapokea cash bribes na hizo wanaziweka kwa nyumba kwa magunia kama nafaka. the group wrote and shared accounts allegedly used by Mwailemi to receive the funds.

(“It is alleged that all suppliers and contractors who want to get an offer from the county must bribe the cartels. Bigvail Mwailemi uses two secret accounts to receive the bribes. Sometimes he receives the cash bribes. , which he stores in bags concealed as cereal in the house. ”)

According to the group, once Mwailemi’s fraudulent practices were exposed online, he reported the case to DCI, who instead accompanied him to his home. During a search he was found with Sh400,000 that he couldn’t explain.

Madeda, Njoroge and Mwalimo are also accused of amassing property and money for various county projects.

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In his ruling, Mombasa Senior Senior Magistrate Charles Ndegwa ordered the Kenya Communications Authority (CA) to remove and deactivate all offending messages on Whatsapp, Telegram and all social media sites.

He further called on Interpol to intervene and help repatriate Mr. Shuma from Europe so that he can face the charges against him in Kenya. He asked the Inspector General of Police to coordinate with Interpol to bring the accused to court.

The Voi DCI and the Police Station Commander (OCS) were also tasked with investigating the identities behind the pseudo-accounts that circulated defamatory messages against the petitioners on social media.

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