Government employment program offers positions in car washes and delicatessens

A government employment program that has been called a rebranding of the controversial JobBridge program has advertised positions in car washes, delis and sporting goods stores.

The Placement Experience Program is part of the government’s Pathways to Work initiative, which aims to see 2.5 million people employed by 2024.

Under this program, participants will be paid € 306 per week, € 44 less than the current maximum PUP payment, for 30 hours of work, with additional amounts payable for dependents.

However, People Before Profit TD Paul Murphy said some of the jobs listed do not involve any actual training and operate at an hourly rate of $ 3.43 per hour.

“Salespeople deserve a living wage. No one should have to work in retail for $ 3.43 an hour. It is ludicrous that these companies are encouraged to use free labor programs, rather than creating a real job and paying an appropriate rate.

They should rethink that, remove those placements, and hire a fully paid sales assistant instead.

A spokesperson for the Social Protection Ministry said all jobs are screened before being posted to ensure they “offer quality work experience and training opportunities to job seekers.”

“The Department expects that positions advertised by employers who wish to act as hosts under the new Work Experience Internship Program (HIPC) will reflect the breadth and scope of the work experience. economic activity throughout the economy. To date, internships have been advertised in various industries ranging from hospitality, engineering and software development.

“The aim is to help job seekers gain work experience, as the lack of work experience limits job seekers’ opportunities when looking for work. All host organizations should be tax compliant, have appropriate insurance and health and safety measures and must agree to the conditions of the program. “

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