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It didn’t take long this week for local government officials to decide how they will allocate Local Options Sales Tax (LOST) funding for the next 10 years.

A joint meeting was held last Tuesday afternoon between the Mayor and members of Milledgeville City Council and the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners at which they unanimously agreed in separate votes to accept the distribution of LOST funds by a distribution of 61% Baldwin County to 39% Milledgeville. .

Before each government entity cast a vote, Baldwin County Commission Chairman Henry R. Craig addressed the group.

“I would like to make a few comments on how happy I am that the Town of Milledgeville, Hank Griffeth and staff, and Baldwin County, Dawn Hudson and Mr. (Carlos) Tobar and staff have come together and worked it all out for the Commissioners so as to show the Town of Milledgeville and Baldwin County that our governments respect the citizens of Milledgeville and Baldwin County and respect that these are the resources of Milledgeville and Baldwin County,” said Craig. “So, I’m very happy that it happened in such a professional manner. Thank you. Thank you.”

Milledgeville Mayor Mary Parham-Copelan said she wanted to echo Craig’s comments.

“I want to thank Mr. Griffeth and Mr. Bo (Danuser) and our entire board for stepping forward and deciding to have a committee and bring it back,” Parham-Copelan said. “It worked perfectly. I can’t be happier than what we present here.

The mayor said she was proud that everyone could sit in the same room and say that the town of Milledgeville and the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners can work together.

The new 10-year LOST funding split between the city and county will begin January 1, 2023 and end December 31, 2032.

At the end of the meeting, Craig and Parham-Copelan signed the Certificate of Distribution Document, which will allow LOST funding to continue as specified in the joint agreement between city and county leaders.

All five County Commissioners, including Vice Chairman Johnny Westmoreland and Commissioners Emily C. Davis, Sammy Hall and Kendrick Butts attended the joint meeting, which was held at the County Government Complex on North Columbia Street.

The city, meanwhile, was represented by the mayor, as well as Pro Tem Mayor Steve Chambers and Alder City Council members Dr. Collinda Lee, Jeanette Walden, Denese Shinholster and Walter Reynolds.

Now that officials from both local governments have agreed to a new 10-year LOST agreement, the official document will be forwarded to the Georgia Revenue Commissoner’s office in Atlanta.

Local sales and use taxes have been in effect in Georgia since January 1, 1980, when they were enacted by passage of the Georgia General Assembly. The agreement authorizes the Office of the State Commissioner of Revenue to apportion local city/county sales and use taxes in the manner agreed to by the Milledgeville City Council and the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners .

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