Government Officials Working Like BJP Workers Are Under Surveillance

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): State Congress Speaker and former Chief Minister Kamal Nath has warned government officials that there are only 16 months left for assembly elections and that those who work with the BJP badge in their pockets are closely monitored. He was addressing OBC workers at party headquarters here on Monday.

It is not necessary to undergo the pressure of the police and the administration. Only 16-17 months left. The account will be settled with the police and the administration. Those who work with BJP badges in their pockets should know that we are not going to forget that, Nath warned during his speech where OBC workers from across the state had gathered.

Nath said BJP did nothing. He has money, police and administration and he abuses it. I had asked what the government had been doing for the past 18 years and Shivraj could not answer, Nath said.

He urged party workers to also focus on small backward communities. He said generalizing OBC issues will not work as the issue differs from region to region like Mahakaushal, Vindhya. Senior leaders including Arun Yadav, Ajay Singh and Jitu Patwari were also present.

OBC Wing National Chairman Captain Ajay Singh Yadav, State President Rajmani Patel also addressed the meeting and highlighted the success of Kamal Nath government in providing 27% reservation to OBCs.

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Posted: Tuesday April 19th 2022, 01:16 IST

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