Gujarat: Government Job Seekers Deceived, 5 Inmates | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: Gandhinagar police arrested five people, including a woman, for deceiving aspirants from the Gujarat Gaun Sewa Pasandagi Mandal or the Gujarat Subsidiary Service Selection Board (GSSSB) by posing as government agents and luring them with a job in the government.
Interestingly, wife Hetvi Patel – the main defendant in the case – was preparing herself for the Gujarat Civil Service Commission (GPSC) and GSSSB exams. She had participated in various such exams in the past, police officers from Infocity said.

False identity card of one of the accused
An Infocity police officer said Patel, her boyfriend Niraj Garasia and two others – Bansilal Patel and Kunal Mehta – lured at least 80 aspiring GPSCs from December 2020 with jobs and duped them with thousands of rupees.
A police officer said he heard that Hetvi and three others stayed at a hotel in Sargasan village in Gandhinagar, posing as government agents.
The cops arrived at the hotel and discovered that Hetvi had introduced herself as Valsad’s deputy collector and that Garasia had listed himself as the Gujarat government’s deputy revenue officer in the hotel register. Two others, Mehta and Bansilal, had presented themselves as peons of Shah and Garasia.
The police called them outside their rooms and asked for their designations, but they could not give satisfactory answers and did not even provide their identification cards.
A police officer said Hetvi told them she could get the cops to talk to a secretary of the state government. But when the cops told them to make them talk to the government secretary, they started fumbling around and later confessed that they were bogus government agents.
The cops said they checked their rooms and found false IDs. Hetvi had two identity cards including one showing her as deputy collector and another showing her as additional health commissioner.
The accused said he obtained these cards from a printing press owner, Pranav Patel of Gandhinagar, who was also arrested by Infocity police in the case.
An Infocity police officer said Hetvi was preparing for government exams and during this time she saw wannabes desperately giving officers money to get jobs. While preparing for the exams, she decided to cheat other aspirants and earn some quick money.
In this plot, she took the help of her boyfriend who came up with the idea of ​​keeping two assistants who they presented as peons so that Hetvi and her boyfriend would look like a Class 1 officer.
Police charged them with cheating, forgery, identity theft and aiding and abetting and opened an investigation.

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