How to get a government job in cloud computing?

Get a government job in cloud computing

Cloud computing has become essential in today’s digital world. As businesses migrate critical data or assets to cloud infrastructure for smoother business processes, there is a growing demand for professionals with cloud computing skills. Not only businesses rely on this disruptive technology, but the government as well. This reliance on the cloud makes cloud computing jobs in government more lucrative. As government jobs have always been seen as an attractive career, how do you get a government job in cloud computing?

Cloud computing in government

Private companies are always at the forefront of innovation by spending a fortune on IT infrastructure. This helps them create a stack that is efficient enough to help them stay relevant and competitive. As India moves towards digital, cloud computing is playing a crucial role. According to the report, the country meets minimum Internet infrastructure standards essential for basic cloud services, affecting network speed and latency. To address infrastructure weaknesses, the Indian government has implemented its ambitious “Digital India” program which will lead to significant improvements. The government plans to deploy cloud computing technology to increase agility, share information, remove redundancy, and optimize communication technology at economical costs.

Initiatives are being taken by the Indian government to boost adoption of cloud technology:

  • E-Gram Panchayat
  • Indian Railways in the Cloud
  • Kisan Suvidha
  • DigiLocker
  • eHospital

Essential skills for a career in cloud computing

  • Database skills
  • Cloud security
  • Data science expertise
  • programming language
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Cloud migration and deployment techniques
  • DevOps and Agile Development Methodologies
  • Autoscaling and migration techniques

Adopting these skills will help you land a government job in cloud computing and make your dreams come true.

Cloud Computing Jobs in Government

Government jobs in cloud computing require extensive course knowledge and a technical skill set. According to Career360, top government jobs in cloud computing include cloud architects and cloud software engineers.

Other workstations in cloud computing are Cloud Engineer, Cloud Computing Systems and Network Administrators, DevOps Engineers, AI Architects, Cloud Security Professionals, and Cloud Network Engineer. These roles may vary from organization to organization and industry to industry.

A job posting on is Manager / Senior Manager – Digital in Ageas Federal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Candidates for this role are expected to work on process improvement with digitization opportunities for various business functions including client and backend functions with more emphasis on operational processes. They should understand digital best practices in the BFSI industry, especially in life insurance. They explore and share relevant best practices on automation opportunities, operational efficiency, customer experience, cost savings, sales improvement. The candidate also assists with the implementation of the digital projects identified for the year, the documentation process, the organization / direction of discussions with stakeholders, the monitoring of deadlines and the on-time execution. and within budget, and more.

Skills / experience required:

  • Lean / Six Sigma
  • Project management / Agile methodology / Scrum / DevOps
  • Migration to the cloud
  • Good understanding of RPA / AI / Machine Learning
  • Design thinking
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Mobility platforms
  • Project management tools (Jira / MS Projects others)
  • Supplier management / Negotiations
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Multifunctional stakeholder management

With the increase in the applications of cloud technology and its uses, the cloud computing business is evolving. However, to have a career in this disruptive field, applicants must stay on top of the latest trends and continue to learn.

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