In previous years, some government officials and entrepreneurs fenced off large tracts of land, thus occupying it illegally – President Ilham Aliyev

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 25. In previous years, some government officials and entrepreneurs had fenced off large tracts of land, thus occupying it illegally, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said while receiving Araz Ahmadov on his appointment as head of the executive authority of the Masalli district, Akbar Abbasov upon his appointment. as head of the Lerik district executive authority and Elvin Pashayev on his appointment as head of the Goygol district executive authority, reports Trend.

“A very serious issue related to this is the efficient use of land. Unfortunately, in previous years some government officials and contractors had fenced off large areas of land, thus occupying it illegally. Houses were built on land intended for agriculture or that land has been fenced off and become someone’s property.We have recently started to seriously investigate this matter and found that huge violations have been committed in this area.Senior Officials were ordering the representatives of the local executive authority to give them this or that piece of land. Thus, the land fund was dwindling and, unfortunately, the process of illegal land occupation became widespread. This was not observed only in the regions. There are similar cases in the city of Baku and the Absheron Peninsula. You probably know that a group of prominent figures p Public recently told me about the occupation by some people of the rocks of Buzovna, which have a great history. I immediately instructed the Chief Executive of the competent city of Baku to investigate this issue and report his findings to me. Very large violations have been detected – very large. Who committed these illegal acts? Government officials and some “entrepreneurs” have done it! We have their list. It is a crime against history and against our nature. These rocks are a symbol of Baku. These rocks have reflected the beauty of our coast for centuries. People were approaching these rocks. Movies have been shot there, but then someone invades the place, breaks them up and builds themselves a villa.

Unfortunately, there are many such situations. I want to say again today that these phenomena are rigorously combated. Very serious reforms are underway in the area of ​​governance. Extensive cleanup work is underway. Those who provoked these situations and instigated local officials and executives to engage in these illegal deals have been removed. The government is cleaned up and people can see it. That is why you, as public officials, should pay very close attention to it. This is my message to you and to representatives of all government agencies. At the same time, this is my message to those who want to engage in illegal activities. Stop that! You will be punished. You are already punished. We cannot overshadow the success of our country’s development because of someone’s greed or someone’s self-interest. Therefore, the process of illegal land occupation should be studied. In the districts that you will lead, throughout the country, on the peninsula of Absheron, in the coastal areas and in all our districts, it is necessary to stop illegal acts,” the head of state said.

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