Kuwait warns against cyber blackmail against government officials

Kuwait’s information ministry has warned that anonymous parties are blackmailing government officials on social media, pledging to take legal action against them.

Some Kuwaiti MPs and politicians criticized the statement saying it restricted freedom of opinion.

Media sources expect the ministry, in cooperation with security authorities, to launch a campaign against suspicious social media accounts after the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

The ministry accused the accounts of blackmailing ministers and government officials, forcing them to take certain decisions or actions.

The ministry issued a statement affirming its intention to follow up on all such cases and refer them to the relevant authorities to take necessary measures that preserve civil service status for state employees in the public interest.

Information ministry spokesman Anwar Murad said the cooperation stemmed from the ministry’s desire to coordinate the work of the media in the public interest.

Murad explained that the ministry is willing to cooperate with the media for the benefit of the public, saying it will be relentless and spare no effort to hold accountable anyone who tries to use blackmail to promote its interests.

MP Abdul Karim al-Kandari rejected and condemned the information ministry’s statement.

Kandari said on Twitter that the statement sounded like a threat, noting that cases of blackmail against public officials or employees should be taken to court.

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