Lacking a government job, she lost Rs 59.5 L

The defendant claimed that money was the standard rate for granting anyone a position as a tahsildar

A CAS the aspirant filed a complaint against a scammer who promised to find her the job of tahsildar with the help of his contacts and not only tricked her out of Rs 59.5 lakh but also threatened her and the members of his family from dire consequences when they asked for the money.

Sushmita (name changed), 29, resident of a paying guesthouse in Sahakar Nagar, holds a Bachelor of Science degree and aspires to become a KAS officer. She learned of the existence of the accused, Siddaraju Subhasha Chandra Kattimani a.k.a Siddharth32, through a college friend of his who told him he was the right man to get government jobs.

Sushmita contacted Siddaraju right after the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and was in touch with him when he used to send her screenshots of him texting and video calling with some. IAS officials he claimed to be close to and who could do anything with the help of their influence.

“He used to send me screenshots of text conversations with him and a few bureaucrats and bragged that he could get me a government post of my choice,” Sushmita told BM. Soon after gaining his trust, Siddaraju began demanding money for the position of tahsildar.

He first asked for Rs 15.5 lakh which Sushmita gave him. He then demanded an additional Rs 24 lakh stating that the rates of government jobs and posts had increased due to the Covid pandemic and despite the lack of money, she managed to manage with the help of her parents and the ‘deposited into three bank accounts he had requested.

Recently, he again demanded an additional Rs 20 lakh from Sushmita, stating that she had to pay the final payments to some politicians who would step in to secure the post of tahsildhar for her.

Sushmita borrowed from her relatives who were also government officials and she paid Rs 20 lakh to Siddaraju, hoping that she would get the assignment for sure.

But soon after she gave all the money, Siddaraju’s attitude towards her changed and he started threatening and abusing her on the phone whenever she called him to inquire about his work.

He then began not only to mistreat his family members who intervened in his problem, but also began to threaten them with dire consequences if they dared to ask for money.

Sushmita then approached the Vijayanagar Police who registered a case of cheating against Siddaraju and detained him for questioning.

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