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Patna: After the formation of the new JDU-Mahagathbandhan government in Bihar, everyone is waiting for the enlargement of the cabinet. What the cabinet formula will be in the Grand Alliance government and which faces will get a place in the Nitish Kumar cabinet is pretty much decided. Meanwhile, a big update has come out that RJD supremo Lalu Yadav (Lalu Yadav) will also be involved in this cabinet expansion. Lalu Yadav is coming from Delhi to Patna on August 15, i.e. Independence Day. There is an expansion of the cabinet on the 16th, in which he will participate.

Tejashwi returned to Patna a day before meeting Lalu
Lalu Yadav’s youngest son and Deputy CM of Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav returned from Delhi to Patna a day earlier. During the Delhi tour, Tejashwi met with many leaders including Congress President Sonia Gandhi, CPM Chief Sitaram Yechury. Meanwhile, the head of the RJD also met with Father Lalu Yadav and discussed the new cabinet. After which he returned to Patna and started his forward strategy. However, when Tejashwi Yadav returned to Patna on Saturday, he did not comment on the arrival of Father Lalu Yadav. But now information is received that the president of the RJD is coming to Patna.

‘Tejaswi Bhava: Bihar’, Lalu’s daughter made this tweet sharing the photo of her brother, RJD excited by Nitish’s new bet
Lalu Yadav was admitted to Delhi AIIMS on July 7
Lalu Yadav was flown to Delhi in an air ambulance from Patna where he was admitted to AIIMS after his health deteriorated on July 7 last month. Lalu Yadav had been seriously injured after falling from a ladder at the Rabri residence in Patna. He had injuries to his right shoulder and waist. After which he was first admitted to Paras Hospital in Patna but was taken to Delhi AIIMS due to deteriorating health. After several days of treatment there, Lalu Yadav’s health improved. Now he is returning to Patna.

Nitish Lalu Viral Pics: Nitish Kumar spoke to Lalu Yadav on July 6, ‘Mann Ki Baat’, viral pic
RJD supremo will be involved in the expansion of the cabinet of the new government
Lalu Yadav must have been very relieved by the development of the political situation in Bihar. Now the cabinet expansion is due to take place on August 16, which reaches Patna to join. Meanwhile, the formula is being finalized among allies, including JDU-RJD-Congress regarding cabinet expansion. Now the wait is for the taking of the oath, during which it will be known who can obtain the post of minister.

Bihar News: Bihar assembly special session on Aug 24-25, know when Nitish cabinet will be expandedIf Nitish gets sick, then understand that he is engaged in dangerous work… So it has been proven that Lalu is aware of Nitish’s veins.

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