Man cuts off wife’s hand after she gets West Bengal government job

In a shocking case of jealousy or sheer inferiority complex, a West Bengal man severed his wife’s hand from the wrist on Monday to prevent her from joining a job as a state government nurse.

The husband in question is Sher Mohammod, a resident of Ketugram in East Burdwan district and the victim is his wife, Renu Khatun. Worst of all, he went to have his wife admitted to a local hospital on Monday morning after her brutal attack, but hid the severed body part at his residence to ensure doctors couldn’t reattach it.

After admitting his wife, Sher Mohammad fled and soon after his family members also went into hiding.

Local residents told police that Renu Khatun was trained as a nurse and worked as a nurse’s aide at a private hospital in the nearby industrial township of Durgapur.

Recently, she also got a state government appointment, which infuriated her husband.

Locals said that since Sher Mohammad was unemployed himself, he feared his wife would abandon him after he got the government job. There were frequent quarrels between the couple over this, as Sher Mohammad insisted that she not take the job. However, Renu Khatun disagreed.

Finally, on Monday, Sher Mohammad took drastic action.

Ripon Sekh, her elder brother, told the media that since his sister received the appointment letter from the state government, Sher Mohammad insisted that she reject the offer.

“However, my sister always dreamed of pursuing a career as a nurse and she refused. We had no idea that Sher Mohammad’s sense of insecurity would take such a tragic turn,” he said.

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