Man cuts wife’s palm off after she gets government job

The man cuts off his wife’s palm after she got a government job that the man and her parents opposed.

Renu Khatun had recently obtained the post of nurse in a public hospital. She had been preparing for the job for three years and was due to join next week.

A local police station officer said Khatun’s husband, Mohammad, and his parents were against his wish to work as a government employee. He added that Mohammad and his parents are currently at large. Police said Mohammad first choked Renu Khatun and then cut his palm. After she fell unconscious, he took her to the local hospital and hid the severed palm in their home. The incident was revealed after Khatun realized and informed what had happened to him.

Khatun’s father, Azizul Haque, said that before his marriage, Khatun worked in a private hospital. He said her husband and in-laws were against her decision to work. She had also complained to her father that they did not want her to work at the hospital.

Khatun’s father said, “I never imagined she would have to pay such a price to achieve her goal.”

After hearing about the incident, Azizul Haque and his son Ripan Sheikh transferred Renu Khatun from the hospital to a nursing home.

During the investigation, the police learned that Mohammad had told his friends that Khatun could leave him after joining the government hospital. After Haque filed a complaint and Khatun gave a statement about the incident, police visited Mohammad’s home and found it to be locked. They also carried out searches in the homes of relatives, but Mohammad and his parents have not yet been found.

A police officer said Mohammad and his parents were “on the run”.

How far will society go to control women?

Mohammad responded to his wife’s persistent desire to become a nurse against her and her family’s will with violence. Domestic violence stems from the desire to maintain power and control over a person. Abusive people believe they have the right to control the life of their loved one.

Domestic violence and abuse often aims to make partners feel less valuable and to dismantle the equality in the relationship. As the world went into lockdown due to the COVID-19[feminine] pandemic, domestic violence complaints increased by 48% in 25 days, from March 23 to April 16, 2020.

Between March 25 and May 31, a total of 1,477 complaints were recorded, making it the highest number of cases recorded during these months in the past ten years.

These data are only a fragment of the domestic violence with which women are confronted, because according to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 2015-16, about 77% of female victims of domestic violence did not tell anyone. Less than 1% of female victims of domestic violence sought help from the police. According According to the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES), 65% of Indian men believe that to keep the family together, women must tolerate violence. 38% of Indian men have admitted to physically assaulting their loved ones.

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