Mannar farmers complain about negligence by Sri Lankan government officials

Tamil farmers in Mannar recently expressed their displeasure with Sri Lankan government officials whose decisions to allow cattle grazing on farmland have had a negative impact on those who depend on agriculture.

It was decided at the boundary planning committee meeting to move pastures from Nanattan and Adampan to agricultural land in Mannar district. This decision to allow grazing in the large open space of the Iluppakkadavai region precedes the rice cultivation which must be carried out in time for this year.

Farmers allege that such decisions affect farmers in several farming villages every year that fall under the Land Service of Iluppakkadavai.

Many farmers have also been affected over the past year and much of the livestock has not been crammed into barns overnight, devastating the rice crop.

They are also concerned that the cultivation of the uplands in the village of Thettavadi is carried out by livestock. Government officials are also accused of failing to listen to calls from affected farmers.

Farmers demanded that government officials take responsibility for any damage caused by livestock, and they said they met with Manthai West Division secretary and government agent last year to explain their vulnerabilities and insist that they should not be allowed to bring cattle this time. , according to local farmer organizations.

But farmers in the area said they were saddened by the arrival of cattle this time around. It is also understood that a cattle rancher was killed by an elephant in the Nanattan area.

Iluppaikkadavai pastoralists and farmers are affected by the lack of permanent pasture.

Affected farmers said the root cause of the problem was the inability of government officials and politicians to comment on the long-standing grazing problem, adding that if the situation persists, affected farmers will have to stage a protest.

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