Mumbai: Government Law College adjunct and visiting professor unpaid for nearly a year

Adjunct and visiting professors at the Government Law College (GLC) have not been paid for nearly a year.

The GLC is one of the oldest law schools in Asia with many distinguished alumni. “Because of its reputation, there has never been a shortage of faculty, although full-time faculty positions are not filled and several subjects are covered by adjunct or visiting professors,” a professor said. assistant on condition of anonymity.

According to the students, these teachers were very supportive in ensuring a smooth school year.

Most of these teachers are legal professionals with a flair for teaching and several of them are alumni of the same college. One of the adjunct faculty members, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “We literally teach here out of respect for the institution and our love of teaching…” The teachers constantly inquired about the state of their salary with the authorities, but have not received a conclusive answer.

“We have the right to be paid or at least we should give the reason. We are not even given the reason for the delay. The authorities did not consider it necessary to dialogue with us,” said another teacher.

Principal Dr Asmita Vaidya was unavailable for comment even after several calls and messages.

But a college official called it a procedural delay in executing the payment. A source within the college administration said, “There is a different procedure for the salary of adjunct and guest faculty members.

Separate invoices are prepared and submitted to the Office of the Director of Higher Education, who will approve the invoices and make payment.

Confirming the process, an official from the principal’s office said, “Even if bills are delayed, government colleges have a set aside fund. The director of the college concerned has the power to use the fund for these purposes in the event of a delay in the procedure. This fund can be repaid once the government has awarded the grant.

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