Pennsylvania State Government High Pay Jobs: Check Out This List

Amid the so-called “Great Resignation” that is causing workers across the country to reevaluate their relationship to work, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is aiming to fill many high-paying government jobs.

Positions in the state are traditionally prized for their benefits and pensions, and Pennsylvania is seeking to fill several high-paying jobs in its public health, higher education, and environmental protection agencies.

Check out some of the highest paying government jobs available at

Here’s a look at some high-paying government jobs currently open in Pennsylvania. Each position pays an annual salary of at least $100,000.

In 2020, the median household income in Pennsylvania was $70,117, according to Statistical.

All the positions presented below were posted during the week, as of March 29.

Public Health Program Director

Salary: $78,612 to $119,512

Division: Office of Family Health/Division of Newborn Screening and Genetics

The candidate for this position will perform critical work as head of the Newborn Screening and Genetics Division.

“This position is responsible for providing direction and supervision for the timely and critical work of neonatal screening for genetic diseases and hearing loss, as well as other infant programs and services,” the job description reads.

The advertisement for this position closes on April 11.

Associate of Higher Education II

Salary: $68,929 to $104,685

Division: Office of Post-Secondary and Adult Education/Division of Higher Education, Access and Equity

This position offers applicants the opportunity to be at the center of higher education in Pennsylvania. The new hire for this position will coordinate a committee of statewide higher education officials to streamline the transfer of credits between schools. They will also launch cutting-edge initiatives to improve higher education quality, student services, access, and equity at Pennsylvania postsecondary institutions.

Additionally, the higher education associate “will administer a scholarship program to help students at Pennsylvania’s two HBCUs enroll in graduate programs,” according to the description.

The advertisement for this position closes on April 4.

Environmental Engineer Manager

Salary: $73,604 to $104,685

Division: Environmental Protection Department

This supervisor will take on a great responsibility – overseeing the protection of Pennsylvania’s drinking water.

To achieve this, the Environmental Manager Engineer leads a team of professionals, including geologists, engineers and compliance specialists within the Drinking Water Technical Services section.

The advertisement for this position closes on April 7.

Health Professions Instructor in Vocational Rehabilitation (Nursing Aide Program)

Salary: $54,831 to $102,504

Division: Department of Labor and Industry

This position is ideal for a seasoned nurse looking to pass on their expertise to the next generation of healthcare providers.

“This position teaches students enrolled in the practical nursing program in a formal classroom, laboratory, and clinical laboratory setting. Topics include but are not limited to: Introduction to Health Care, Personal Care and Basic Nursing Skills, Principles of Restorative Care, Mental Health/Social Services Needs, Clinical Education,” as per the job description. .

The announcement for this opening ends on April 6.

Head of Investment Office at PSERS

Salary: $163,522 to $251,913

Division: Public School Employees Retirement Plan

This position requires a high level of financial and technical expertise as an administrator in the office of the Pennsylvania agency that oversees the state’s teachers’ pension plan.

“The Pennsylvania Public School Employees Retirement System…administers the retirement plan with a diverse portfolio of asset classes for Pennsylvania public school employees. PSERS’ mission is to maintain a financially sound system that supports over half a million members with a current pension fund of approximately $72 billion.

The advertisement for this position closes on April 7.

Aaron Mudd is a duty reporter at the Lexington Herald-Leader. He previously worked for the Bowling Green Daily News covering K-12 and higher education. Aaron has roots in Fayette, Marion and Warren counties.

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