Personal loan your financing at the best rate

1 to 21.08% APR sets from 500 to 75 000 € from 6 to 84 months.

Roseloan’s personal online credit makes it possible to realize all your desires with a cheaper and flexible credit. You can carry forward and adjust your monthly payments according to your needs.

Personal credit Roseloan can finance cash, appliances, hifi, multimedia equipment (image, sound, computer …) and leisure or events.


How financing works?


However for the purchase of a car do not hesitate to consult our comparison of cheap car credit and for the financing of works our comparator credit works. Offers are specific to cars and jobs and rates are lower for this funding category. For a relatively small amount below 3000 euros you can also find a cheap revolving credit in our comparator of revolving credits.


How to subscribe to personal loan?

To subscribe to your Roseloan personal loan you start with your simulation by specifying the amount of financing requested, the duration or the monthly payment and the simulator takes care of the rest and displays the result of your personalized simulation. If the rate, the monthly payment and the cost of the credit correspond to your wishes and your project you just have to click on “credit request” to fill your file and get your agreement in principle.

To validate this agreement in principle of financing you must send back to Roseloan the credit request signed, dated and initialed with the required supporting documents knowing that you will be informed of the progress of your file online. Upon validation of the documents sent and your personal loan application file by Roseloan, you will receive a final agreement. The release of funds is immediate after the statutory withdrawal period in accordance with the code of consumption.

Regarding personal loan insurance Roseloan, it is not mandatory but know that it offers protection to your family in case of death, disability or loss of employment. Depending on the case, the remaining capital may be fully reimbursed (your family no longer has credit to repay), or the monthly payments may be covered in part or in full.

Taking out a personal loan commits you, so check your borrowing and repayment capacity before you commit.

Before you commit and sign a new credit check our cheap personal loan comparator for free and without commitment.