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The only government law school in Pondicherry, which has trained two chief ministers, a dozen High Court judges, as well as several legal luminaries, is now struggling to maintain its past glory ahead of its jubilee celebrations. gold which will debut next month.
The college named after BR Ambedkar caught the country’s attention when Padma Bhushan NR Madhava Menon, considered the father of modern legal education in India, served as its director for more than four years in the 1970s. He made several reforms in legal education.
“Padma Bhushan NR Madhava Menon’s stint as director of the government law school marks the beginning of a radical change in legal education in the country. We can say that the reorganization and germination of education Legal began here under Menon, ”said R Venkataramani, who is on the board of senior counsel for the Union government at the Supreme Court and a former college student.
The college with such a glorious past is now in a state of neglect and in need of government attention. The college has not had a regular principal for the past 17 years, with most of the more senior faculty members serving as principals on a temporary basis. More than half of the professorships have been vacant for several years. Of the 21 teaching posts, including four non-lawyers, the college has only 10 active teacher-researchers.
The college, which was established in 1972, has not had a librarian and a physical education faculty for the past two decades. A school librarian has been assigned on a temporary basis. Half of its non-teaching professorships are also vacant. Alumni expect the college’s Golden Jubilee celebrations to draw the government’s attention to the college’s poor condition.
“Our college has trained a dozen Madras High Court judges – six of them retired while six are still in office. Corporate Affairs for Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Kerala are all alumni of this college. The Golden Jubilee celebrations will attract elders, who are legal luminaries in the country and we believe the celebrations will force the government to give the college due attention, ”said alumnus and faculty member on condition of anonymity.

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