Practical Tips To Make Money

You’ve already seen articles on the internet that look at ways to make money that promise a big bundle of money in the first month without doing anything. Have you ever thought – if it was that simple, why every second resident of Latvia would not drive the latest Mercedes or live in a private house by the sea?

It takes time and patience to make money online . Sure, you can succeed and you can become a millionaire very quickly by creating one application (you can get to know the most profitable applications on businessinsider.com), but to succeed it must be a great idea and a huge success.

That’s why we offer practical tips on how to make money.

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Before you devote your free time to making money, look at your income and expenses. We’ve previously written about saving money where you can get useful tools for everyday use that will help you understand your income and expenses. If you already have a permanent job and need some extra cash, start with saving. It takes less time and effort than extra work. If, however, there is not enough money to save everyday, here are some ways you can make money in your spare time.

We all have things at home that we no longer use for a variety of reasons.

Take a few hours of free time to sort out all your belongings in your closets, shelves and garage.

If you find old electrical equipment that you no longer use – throw it away , you can definitely sell some of it. For example, you can place a free ad on and wait for a call from a potential customer.

If you find clothes that you definitely won’t wear anymore, you can put them up for sale on the Andelmandele or the Reverse Home page. If you have found unnecessary furniture, an old bike or anything else – ss.lv, zip.lv and other ad portals will be a suitable place to sell them.

Despite all the new technology, books are still being bought. If you have books you no longer read, then try to sell them. For example, you can place them. Perhaps one of your books is very valuable and you will be able to earn much more than you had planned.

For example, Airbnb offers the opportunity to place such advertisements on its homepage. This service makes it much easier for people to find accommodations when traveling or for example for longer periods. If you rent an apartment for one day, you can get around 30 USD per day on average. If you have an apartment in a new project house, this number can double.

If you have sports equipment, musical instruments or anything at home that you don’t use every day but don’t want to sell – rent it! Not only will you make money , but you’ll also help someone else save it. Not everyone wants to buy expensive tools just to use them for a short while.

Do you have the skills to write interesting, engaging essays or blog articles? Nowadays such people are in high demand, which makes this niche another great way to make money online . On the Upwork website you can meet world-famous copywriters, including Latvians. If you are writing different blog articles or other types of content, then definitely try to use your talents to make money with writing. Such professionals can earn 50 USD / hour and more! The great advantage of doing this is that you can do it remotely, without having to be in the office 8 hours a day

If, however, the above tips do not work for you, or they did not help you to earn a fair amount of money, then it is time to think about extra time off work. The most convenient and interesting way to spend your free time making money would be to start your own small business.

Peaceful place where you can unhindered what skills you have that would be useful to others.

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Maybe you have a good knowledge of computer hardware and can offer advice? Perhaps you can do interior design? People are actively interested in what others have to offer and know, because private services are often cheaper than services from large and medium-sized companies and often provide higher quality.

Start offering your service to your friends and acquaintances. These are people who know you and will definitely listen to your offer. There are two important benefits to offering service to your friends:

  • Trust;

  • Feedback.

Trust is something that companies spend a lot of money on.

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Loyalty attracts new customers and keeps existing ones. However, in order to maintain customer loyalty, it is necessary to improve the service based on customer wishes and recommendations. Feedback indirectly fosters trust, as receiving it can work to improve the service to meet customer needs. As soon as your customers are happy, you gain their trust.

By offering a service to your friends, they will trust you and give you the opportunity to show their skills. You will definitely receive various feedback to help you improve your service to meet your customers’ needs. Above all, do not be shy and ask for customer opinion on the service provided! Testimonials are also an effective way to attract new customers. To do this, you need a website to place your reviews on.

Nowadays, it is possible to create a website completely free of charge . Don’t worry if you don’t understand anything about programming because you don’t need to know it. Ready-made homepage templates are provided, all you have to do is enter text and insert pictures.