Provi InstaCash – cash loans

Provi InstaCash is one of the most popular non-bank companies operating in Poland. It offers its clients the opportunity to obtain money for any purpose via the internet or as a home loan .

Provi InstaCash is an international financial institution. . As indicated on its website, its main goal is to offer simple, reliable and available financial products. Over 3.9 million customers have already used the company’s services. Provi InstaCash Polska belongs to the international financial group International Personal Finance (IPF).

The offer of the Provi InstaCash company currently includes a wide range of products, which include, among others, home loans, which we receive and pay through an adviser, internet loans, also loans are available for companies that need funds for running a business.


How much can we borrow at Provi InstaCash?

How much can we borrow at Provi InstaCash?

The amount of the loan depends mainly on the selected product. Basically, the limit is $ 15,000, but new customers can take out loans for smaller amounts, and only then get an increase in the limit.

The repayment period is determined individually depending on the client’s creditworthiness. It’s from 3 months to 24 months. It is worth pointing out that we can decide to repay the loan in the form of monthly and weekly installments. In this way, the customer can choose which form of payment suits him the most.


A loan in the Provi InstaCash – who can get it?

A loan in the Provi InstaCash - who can get it?

In order to conclude a loan agreement in the form of Provi InstaCash, the client must meet certain requirements. First of all, he must be an adult, have a permanent residence and be a Polish citizen. A permanent source of income is also required, such as a salary, pension or pension. Depending on the type of loan selected, you will be required to present an appropriate document confirming your income.

Provi InstaCash uses databases such as BIK, KRD, BIG, but the negative credit history does not mean that the loan is unavailable. Therefore, the decision whether to grant or not to grant a loan is already individual and taken on the basis of various factors.


How to apply for a loan in Provi InstaCash?

How to apply for a loan in Provi InstaCash?

If we want to take out a loan at Provi InstaCash, we must first contact the company. We can do it by phone or via the internet when we want to receive an on-line loan.

Customers who want to opt for a home loan, i.e. with a field advisor, must also make an appointment with him at the most convenient time. The adviser will bring all the documents, check those presented by the client, and if the decision is issued as positive, will also transfer the money. The repayment may take place to the adviser’s hands reaching the customer’s home or to the bank’s bank account.

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