Ransomware Task Force of 60+ Industry, Government, Law Enforcement, Civil Society and International Organizations Releases Comprehensive Ransomware Framework

SAN FRANCISCO & WASHINGTON – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Today, the Institute for Security and Technology (IST) releases the Ransomware Task Force (RTF) Comprehensive Framework for Action, the result of a coalition of more than 60 software vendor experts, d government agencies, cybersecurity providers and financial services companies. , civil society and academic institutions. Combating Ransomware – A Comprehensive Framework for Action provides 48 practical recommendations to curb the rampant spread of this increasingly destructive type of cybercrime. Our comprehensive recommendations assign a role to everyone, from U.S. and international leaders to industry, lawmakers, and civil society.

“The imperative could not be clearer; it is time to increase the prioritization of action and limit the damage inflicted by these attacks, ”said Philip Reiner, executive director of RTF and CEO of IST. “In the past 12 months alone, we have seen ransomware attacks delay life-saving medical treatments, destabilize critical infrastructure and put our national security at risk. We felt an urgent need to bring together world-class experts from all sectors to create a framework that government and industry can follow to disrupt the ransomware business model and mitigate the impact of attacks.

Ransomware is an international cybercrime that is growing in frequency and severity. These attacks are carried out by criminals all over the world who are ready to target schools, hospitals, businesses and governments. It is not a problem that can be solved by a single entity, and it is not a threat that can wait for piecemeal solutions. Public and private leaders and organizations must act now, and in unison, to curb this dangerous criminal enterprise.

A crime that threatens so many industries has required a diverse body of experts to develop unique solutions. The RTF was proactively convened with representatives from disparate sectors, large and small, public and private. This vast expertise has led to deeply informed solutions that, taken together, form a comprehensive strategy to quell the ransomware crisis.

The recommended framework includes four priority objectives; To deter ransomware attacks through a comprehensive strategy coordinated nationally and internationally; To disturb the ransomware business model and declining criminal profits; to better help organizations to prepare for ransomware attacks; and to to respond to ransomware attacks more effectively. The 48 Recommended Actions provide guidance for dealing with the complexities of the ransomware epidemic, from the role of cyber insurance to cryptocurrency to havens for threat actors.

These actions must be carried out in their entirety and as part of a collaborative and coherent strategy, because each element alone is not enough to respond to this growing problem. The framework recommended by the RTF is not for siled action; It will take the coordinated effort of many stakeholders to achieve these four critical goals, each of which fills a gap in the current approach to ransomware mitigation.

At IST, we are honored to have the opportunity to come together and work with this revolutionary coalition. We thank the RTF members who offered their immense time and attention to this effort, and whose lively discussions led to these concrete recommendations. The Ransomware Task Force represents the many people who work every day to make the ransomware problem less threatening. We remain in debt and thankful for everything you do.

The time has come for concerted and coordinated action. We urge all stakeholders to read this report and join the IST and the entire RTF coalition in the ransomware mitigation efforts, now and until the threat of ransomware hangs over their heads. of citizens, teachers, businesses, hospitals and nations.

To read the RTF report, http://securityandtechnology.org/ransomwaretaskforce/report

To learn more about the Ransomware Working Group, visit https://securityandtechnology.org/ransomwaretaskforce/

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The Institute for Security and Technology designs and delivers solutions to the world’s most formidable emerging security threats. We are a non-partisan, non-profit network based in the San Francisco Bay Area and dedicated to advancing solutions to critical national security challenges. For more information, visit securityandtechnology.org.

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