Rebecca Schulz quits Alberta government cabinet to run for UCP leader

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Rebecca Schulz has resigned as Alberta’s minister of children’s services and is adding her name to the list of people seeking to replace Jason Kenney as UCP leader and premier.

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The MP for Calgary-Shaw will officially launch her campaign on Tuesday afternoon in Calgary. Schulz told Postmedia that people are tired of division and the focus should be on defeating Rachel Notley and the NDP in the next election.

“We need someone who will bring party members back to the decision-making table and who will not only be competent and disciplined, but will also demonstrate compassion and common sense in addition to conservative values,” he said. she declared.

The leadership race comes after Premier Jason Kenney received just 51.4% support in a leadership review last month following a long internal dispute both within the party and between the deputies. Kenney is set to step down once a new leader is chosen.

Schulz said the division of the UCP cannot be reduced to a single problem.

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“A lot of times what I hear from Albertans is that their concern is really about the tone and how decisions are made, but also how they are communicated to the public,” she said.

“I think Albertans have said they sometimes feel unheard and I know that addressing this will be an important part of uniting our movement and moving forward.”

Schulz said she would be willing to campaign in every riding in Alberta and meet with every riding association to “make sure Albertans know that not only are we listening to them, but we are hearing them and we are going to do something about it”.

Schulz is the third sitting minister to leave his portfolio and campaign for the top job. Former Finance Minister Travis Toews and Transport Minister Rajan Sawhney have already launched campaigns. Former cabinet minister Leela Aheer, who was ousted from the cabinet last year, is also in the running.

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Schulz said she had reason to be proud to be in government, but says ‘it’s also pretty clear that I wasn’t part of the inner circle, and I certainly wasn’t part of the boys’ club. “.

“We don’t have to second-guess every decision that’s been made, but I think people want someone who can say, ‘You know what? I totally understand. We made mistakes. We hear you and we’re going to spend every day of the next year showing you that it’s not just about talking about it,” she said.

She points to her office’s accomplishments, such as signing a $3.8 billion child care deal with the federal government, as proof that she can get big things across the finish line. .

“I think I have shown, given my career in government, that I am a person of action. I am not afraid to fight for what is in the best interests of Albertans,” she said.

Others campaigning for Kenney’s position so far include: former Wildrose executives Brian Jean and Danielle Smith, Independent MP Todd Loewen and Amisk Mayor Bill Rock.

The UCP had yet to release details of how the leadership race would unfold, including details such as entry fees and when the next leader would be elected.

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