Russia Attacks Ukraine: What Colorado Government Officials Say

DENVER (KDVR) — Russia launched attacks on Ukraine on Thursday, rocking the country with large explosions.

Colorado government officials weighed in on the attacks throughout the day.

These are the following statements released so far:

Governor Jared Polis

“The Russian military aggression of ruthless dictator Vladimir Putin in Ukraine violates the freedoms we defend at home and support around the world. Colorado is on the side of freedom. War, violence and chaos threaten the very foundations of the global economy and our national security. I assure Ukrainians that they have the support and prayers of our state. We must also take steps to avoid severe economic fallout and further cost increases for hardworking Colorado workers. I join the leaders of our federal delegation in urging Congress to immediately suspend the federal gas tax and redouble efforts for a rapid clean energy transition to ensure our energy future cannot be tied to geopolitical strife. and world raw materials.

Jason Crow, Congressman

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not only a violation of international law, but also a tyrannical and unprovoked act of aggression against a free and sovereign democratic nation. This will cause terrible death and suffering to the Ukrainian and Russian peoples. Putin’s objective is clear: to redraw the borders to restore the Soviet bloc and usurp democracy in Europe and in the world. The US and international response must be swift and crippling. We must immediately:

  1. Imposing comprehensive economic sanctions to cut Russia off from the international financial system,
  2. Condemn and marginalize Russian officials,
  3. Establish long-term support for the Ukrainian armed resistance and the mobilization of civil society,
  4. Prepare to meet and support the flow of refugees from Ukraine, and
  5. Carry out a rapid realignment of NATO’s military posture in Europe.

“It is time for the free world to unite and end this tyranny. We must never stop defending democracy at home or abroad.

U.S. Representative Diana DeGette

“There is a special place in hell for people like Vladimir Putin. By launching a large-scale, unprovoked and unjustifiable attack on the people of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin – and Vladimir Putin alone – is responsible for the catastrophic loss of life and unprecedented destruction that this war will bring. The United States and its allies stand with the people of Ukraine in this fight to protect their sovereignty. We will not sit idly by and watch a peaceful nation be so brutally invaded. The United States will continue to work closely with our partners and allies around the world to ensure that Russia is fully accountable and pays a tremendous price for its actions.

Senator Michael Bennet

“Putin’s corrupt and selfish distortion of history and his disregard for international law have upended the post-World War II order. His violent course will have serious consequences not only for the Ukrainian people but also for the Russian people.

“The United States, in coordination with our allies and partners, must immediately punish Putin for his unprovoked aggression. We must impose the full weight of economic sanctions now, explore options to strengthen Ukrainian resistance, and remain resolute in our support for democracy and the rule of law.

We’ll add to this story as we receive statements from other Colorado leaders.

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