Slovenian parliament confirms new cabinet of left-liberal government – ​​

Prime Minister Robert Golob’s cabinet was sworn in on Wednesday after being confirmed by a 53/28 vote in the National Assembly a month after general elections.

The left-liberal government, a coalition of Golob’s Freedom Movement, Social Democrats (SD) and the left, took office amid heightened international uncertainty due to the war in Ukraine and the impending energy and food crisis.

Golob acknowledged that he wouldn’t get the usual 100-day grace period and would have to get to work quickly, so his team included a combination of politicians and seasoned experts.

“I’m glad we have such a good team, and I look forward to the weeks, months, years and terms to come, where I know this team will deliver great results,” he said. .

The new government team will include 17 ministers, including three without portfolio. Nevertheless, it will be expanded once the Government Act is amended, including a climate and energy ministry.

Golob said tackling rising food and energy prices would be an immediate priority, as well as preparing for the fall, when the next wave of COVID-19 is likely to hit.

The government plans to focus on green transformation and climate change, reform of the health system and social security system, and the knowledge-based economy in the longer term.

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