smartwatches-to-follow-the-movement-of-government-officials-during-office-hours-haryana-vsk 98 | Keep an eye on the movements of government employees using smart watches; An important state decision

Panchkula Municipal Corporation and the administration of Chandigarh adopted the smart watch monitoring system.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has announced that state government officials will be required to wear smartwatches to monitor their movements during office hours. They will also serve as a tool for recording attendance.
“All state government officials will be wearing smartwatches that will track their movements during office hours. It will also serve as a tool to mark attendance, ”Khattar said at a“ Vikas ”rally in Sarmathala village in Sohna on Saturday.

According to the CM, the measure will show progress in eliminating errors in the above list and subsequent biometric systems. The new system “will bring transparency and accountability to work, and eliminate false, duplicate and false appearances,” the prime minister said.
He said, “We are going to introduce smartwatches that will only track the designated officer. The watch will stop working if someone else is using it. In this way, the movements of all government officials in Haryana will be followed. “

Referring to the manual method of recording attendance in the register prior to 2014, Khattar said, “An employee comes to the office after one week and marks each day of the week in the attendance register. We introduced a biometric system after our government took over to discipline government employees and ensure regular attendance.

At present, the Panchkula Municipal Corporation and the administration of Chandigarh have adopted an intelligent surveillance system. But criticism has started from employees who claim the GPS monitoring system has violated their privacy.

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