USKOK launches investigation against several government officials

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February 19, 2022 – Crisis in the Croatian government, as USKOK launches an investigation against several of its officials. Construction Minister Darko Horvat was arrested this morning for alleged abuse of authority, and an emergency meeting is underway. USKOK suspects Horvat of giving 2.6 million kuna in illegal inducements.

Besides the Minister Darko Horvatas Telegram learned, investigators also focused on the former minister Tomislav Tolusic. With them, according to the information available so far, this last procedure also applies to Horvat’s former assistant Ana Mandac. Jutarnji List finds out that the Deputy Prime Minister Boris Milosevic and Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Josip Aladrovic are also under investigation. According to the information provided so far, they are suspected of seeking employment through a connection and due to the granting of incentives.

According to information currently available, the Minister of Construction is associated with abuses of power and authority. Sources say investigators are investigating Horvat’s role in suspected abuse by his former assistant Ana Mandac. USKOK suspects that at the request of Josipa Rimac, Mandac organized support for craftsmen in the Ministry of Economy when it was headed by Horvat.

Horvat arrested

Minister Darko Horvat was arrested this morning, his lawyer Vladimir Teresak confirmed to Media Servis. USKOK suspects Horvat of giving 2.6 million kuna in illegal subsidies and inducements. According to information from sources close to the investigation, Minister Darko Horvat should be questioned by USKOK at the beginning of the afternoon. He will be taken to the USKOK headquarters on Vlaška Street in Zagreb, where he will be able to testify in the presence of a lawyer.


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This morning he was taken from Donja Dubrava to Međimurje, where his home had been searched since the morning. It is certain that the investigators follow him to Zagreb, where the procedure in coordination with the USKOK and the police will continue.

Finance Minister first to comment

The case was commented on by the Minister of Finance Zdravko Maric in one Croatian radio broadcast. He said he was surprised by the news of a police raid on Horvat’s home.

“I guess I am the first to speak on this subject, I have no knowledge of it and I cannot comment on it,” added the minister. He referred to media allegations that Labor Minister Josip AladrovicDeputy Prime Minister Boris Milošević and former Minister Tomislav Tolušić were also under investigation.

“I mean, it’s pure information from the media. I couldn’t even read, going to the show. But, not every scandal has a positive effect on the government,” Marić said.

An emergency government meeting is underway

In addition to Minister Darko Horvat, Minister of Pensions, Family and Social Policy Josip Aladrović, Deputy Prime Minister Boris Milošević and former Minister Tomislav Tolušić were also targeted by investigators on Saturday morning.

The police began this morning to search the house of the Minister of Construction, Darko Horvat. Although there is no official information and no one from the government has yet responded, 24sata learns that an emergency meeting has been called within the government. Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic is expected to address the media soon.

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