Vice President says government job at risk over Facebook posts

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and Leader of the Freedom and Justice Party, Lenox Shuman, said his post as an aviation adviser to the government had recently come under threat due to Facebook posts criticizing the government.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Mr. Shuman explained that “I posted two Facebook posts which resulted in a series of intimidation and threats ranging from the possibility of being fired from my job as an advisor in aviation not to have access to government services and to be left out. and prevented from doing business or performing anything on my behalf ”.

He said he was already facing a business disruption and had not received death threats, but would not rule out that possibility.

The vice-president spoke of the personal sacrifices he made to return to Guyana in the service of the population.

“As someone who gave up a professional career, gave up my citizenship, returned to Guyana to help repair the system and fought for democracy, I ask my Guyanese compatriots at home and in the Diaspora take note of it. We all have rights enshrined in Guyana’s constitution to freedom of political association, freedom of expression and to live in a safe environment among many others, ”Shuman wrote.

The political leader said he had expressed his concerns to international missions in Guyana.

In a recent social media post, Mr Shuman referred to the 50% pay rise promised by the PPP during the election campaign and the 7% it recently announced for civil servants.

The PPP government has since claimed it never made a pledge of a 50% pay rise, although there were campaign posters with the pledge posted across the country.

Shuman’s Facebook post drew an avalanche of criticism from social media activists for the government, and the official PPP Facebook page also called out to him about the social media post.

He eventually abolished the post.

Right after the last election, Shuman was hired by the government as an aviation consultant.

The PPP also used its majority in the National Assembly to elect him for the post of vice-president, although it holds a seat as an opposition MP and the place of vice-president usually goes to the most. major opposition party in the Assembly.

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