Wales border decision awaited as Welsh government cabinet debates travel rules

The Welsh government cabinet will meet today to decide on new travel rules as England’s lockdown ends – but hotels are already closing due to a lack of clarity on the matter.

While England was stranded, the border was closed as both countries had restrictions in place – although travel was allowed in Wales.

England’s lockdown ended just after midnight and travel rules were lifted for those living in the Level 1 and Level 2 zones.

The Welsh government has said it will unveil new travel arrangements in light of border changes.

But Welsh tourism businesses remained frustrated and angry that a decision had yet to be made as lack of clarity made it impossible to know whether to cancel or confirm reservations.

At the latest, they were awaiting news on Monday when the new alcohol ban and the 6 p.m. hotel closing time were announced.

Plaid Senedd member Hefin David raised the issue during the Prime Minister’s Questions.

He said: “Travel restrictions – when will this announcement be made?

“Because at the end of the English lockdown people are wondering if they can travel to England.”

Drakeford said: “Cabinet will meet again tomorrow (Wednesday).

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford

“One of the items on our agenda will be travel advice and travel arrangements during the post-containment period in England.”

We hope that a decision will then be announced but for some it is already too late.

The Pale Hall hotel near Bala announced on social media last night that it would close until December 17, when the restrictions in Wales will be reviewed.

They thanked their dedicated team of staff and their understanding of the guests who were to stay, but denounced the Welsh government.

They said on Twitter: “On Friday we get an announcement about an announcement, and then on Monday we are told they will be announcing travel restrictions later this week.

“If I ran my business or my school when I was a principal like this, I would go bankrupt and be fired.”

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The Chainbridge Hotel in Llangollen has announced it will be closed until after the New Years due to various measures introduced by the Welsh government.

Neil Rowlands, of the Tre-Ysgawen Hall hotel near Llangefni on Anglesey, said it was “completely thoughtless”.

He added: “Being drip-fed and feeling like they’re reactive rather than proactive.

“We have known that the English lockdown has been ending for weeks and that we are planning our new rules again for a considerable period.

“It seems like a total disregard for business.”

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