What time is the Welsh Government cabinet meeting today to decide if more Covid restrictions are needed?

There could be a major announcement of Covid restrictions in Wales today from the Welsh Government.

At a press conference on Friday December 18, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford suggested the Welsh government wanted to assess the latest scientific evidence and would make a decision on further restrictions on Monday December 20.

Covid cases in Wales are currently stable, but experts believe we will soon see serious spikes in omicron cases like those seen in London and Scotland. In order to combat this, the Welsh Government has already announced that nightclubs will close after Christmas, but there are indications they could go further.

When will the Welsh Government announce new Covid restrictions for Wales?

Welsh Government ministers are meeting with scientists throughout the morning and afternoon of Monday 20 December to discuss the latest scientific data.

At 3 p.m., the cabinet will then meet to decide what restrictions to introduce. This announcement will likely be made on Monday evening, but if the cabinet meeting lasts a long time, the announcement could be delayed until Tuesday morning. The announcement will be made via a statement, but if there are any major changes Prime Minister Mark Drakeford will likely give interviews.

What are the changes likely to be?

There is nothing concrete about this yet. Sources have suggested that it is possible that no changes will be made.

Mark Drakeford has previously indicated he would likely consider things like reintroducing the rule of six in pubs (which is in Wales alert level two. However, he also suggested other restrictions are likely to be reintroduced before this is brought in. He also suggested that table service and mandatory contact tracing could return.

However, this is not confirmed at this stage and largely depends on meetings with scientists.

Another key issue ministers are considering is whether to impose restrictions on major rugby and football matches after Christmas in Wales.

“We are receiving further advice from our public health experts on whether or not it is still safe to continue with these matches,” Mr Drakeford told BBC Wales over the weekend, adding that the matches could go ahead with less spectators or none at all.

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