Worcester MP Robin Walker resigns from government job and he tells us why

Worcester MP Robin Walker resigned from his government post this morning and spoke to Worcester News about the decision.

Mr Walker has resigned as Minister of State for Education Standards in the Government, a position he has held for ten months.

The resignation comes after Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid tendered their resignations within minutes of each other on Tuesday (July 5).

Since then, several conservative officials have also resigned from their posts.

In Mr Walker’s letter of resignation, he wrote that it is clear the Conservative Party ‘has been distracted from its primary missions by a relentless focus on leadership issues’.

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He spoke to Worcester News about the decision to tender his resignation after showing his support for Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the confidence vote in June.

Mr Walker said he had thought long and hard about the decision.

However, he does not believe Mr Johnson can return from the mass resignations and should ‘make room for others’.

Mr Walker said: “It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and we need a change in the party and I’m sure the Prime Minister can recognize that.

“I felt it was fair but I will continue to campaign in my constituency and in Worcester but not in Parliament.

He said, “I think he [Boris Johnson] accomplished great things, he did what he could and had to make room for others.”

Mr Walker’s resignation letter said the Tories needed to strike the ‘right balance between efficiency and compassion’.

“We risk being seen like this [lacking efficiency and compassion].”

He said the public perception of the party needs to change and he wants to know that the party has the same priorities as the public.

Walker said his priorities for the future are fairer funding for schools and reducing hospital wait times.

Cllr Lynn Denham, Worcester City Council Labor Group leader, said: “Worcester Labor welcomes Mr Walker’s resignation from government, although it comes long after the worst of the damage has been done.

“Confidence in our politics has been shaken by the blatant daily lies of Boris Johnson, which Mr Walker has championed for years.

“During the multiple cost of living, NHS, housing and welfare crises, the government in which Mr Walker served focused almost entirely on defending Boris Johnson’s career.

“The cost of this has been borne by the people of Worcester, and more generally by the British.

“We also note that while Mr Walker wrote his long-awaited letter of resignation, Worcester Labor worked hard on City Council, successfully pushing through new protections for tenants and cost-of-living support.”

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